AM2: EIM Organization, Structure and Roles
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  Valerie Torstenson   Valerie Torstenson
Principal Consultant
IMCue Solutions


Monday, November 2, 2015
08:30 AM - 11:45 AM

Level:  Business/Strategic

So, we have all heard of people, process, technology, right? Balance is the key in this triumvirate of almost any strategy and the secret sauce of any successful strategic roadmap worth its salt! Maintaining a balanced focus across all triumvirate components is a key critical success factor. In theory, they should have equal time, resources, influence on a strategy as it progress. In reality, though, experience shows we get so caught up in the complex processes (including governance) and technologies of EIM that we continue to find the “people” part takes a back seat – minimally diminished, partially addressed or worse – totally missing – from a holistic EIM strategy.

This session presents an approach, considerations, tips and techniques for planning and developing EIM (synergistic business and IT) organizational structures that are scalable, agile, and can help accelerate the charge on an EIM Maturity Model timeline as well as enable and drive EIM strategies.

Peter Drucker’s business teachings strongly suggest that “structure” follows “strategy” so it follows then that organizational considerations should follow development of process and technology strategies. Not literally, as “balance” is the key. Organizational requirements should be collected and documented as part of developing same for “process” and “technology.” But try not to be premature developing organizational solutions until we are sure we understand “what” all we need to do – then dive deep into organizational structure to determine best way to organize ourselves to orchestrate success.

This session will discuss best practices learned from industry experience in Enterprise Information Management initiatives, which business professionals and their IT partners can embrace:

  • EIM organizational design process and what makes it unique
  • Business alignment
  • Tying EIM organizational RASCI to EIM capabilities
  • Criticality of organizational change management – what, who, how, when
  • Building the EIM organizational roadmap
  • Integration with EIM governance
  • Measurements for organizational progress and success

Valerie is a seasoned IT professional with thirty years of results-oriented management and information systems experience. She has led visible information strategic planning efforts and information management strategy and implementation initiatives. Valerie has led teams in very turbulent industries in systems development, systems development methodologies and program and project level management. With a strong business alignment mantra, her experience spans all aspects of enterprise information management including governance, data architectures, Master Data Management, data quality, data movement, unstructured content and knowledge management, organizational design, business intelligence and analytics. She has performed as acting CIO, DVP, and Director. She has experience in retail, financial services, public sector (e.g., education, county government), and healthcare industries.

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