Integrating the Cloud into your Data and Analytics Strategy
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  Alan Hoffman   Alan Hoffman
Senior Offering Manager
IBM Cloud Data Services


Tuesday, November 3, 2015
02:30 PM - 03:20 PM

Level:  Business/Strategic

The greatest challenge and opportunity confronting the modern enterprise is data. Never before have businesses had so much data about customers, supply chains, and transactions. The opportunity to uncover new markets, new channels for customer engagement, and new efficiencies lies within these vast reservoirs of information. But unlocking value requires deep expertise and a powerful ecosystem of tools to help you turn data into competitive advantage.

Join us for an overview of big data trends in the enterprise and a look at real-world examples of businesses making strategic shifts to the cloud. Learn how the technological tools of scientists and startups are now in easy reach of the enterprise, as part of a comprehensive data and analytics strategy fueled by cloud data services.

Alan Hoffman is a Senior Offering Manager with IBM Cloud Data Services, where he specializes in database- and data-analytics-as-a-service technologies. Prior to joining IBM he was co-founder and CEO of Cloudant, a NoSQL database service. He started working in 'big data' more than ten years ago as a researcher in high energy experimental particle physics at MIT's Laboratory for Nuclear Science. His career has taken him from big science to small companies and now to the largest of enterprises. He holds a BA in Physics from The University of Chicago and Ph.D. in physics from MIT.

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