1,100 Reasons Cognitive Computing Will Change Your Life
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  Kyla Moran   Kyla B Moran
Senior Industry Consultant
IBM Watson Group
    Brian Kuhn
Watson Sales Lead
IBM Watson Group


Wednesday, November 4, 2015
10:45 AM - 11:15 AM

Level:  Business/Strategic

You will create 1,100 Terabytes of data in your life. Markets, companies, research, and analytics increase the amount of information exponentially. Learn how to move beyond translating information into formatted data with the future-building functionality of Cognitive Computing.

IBM Watson has been stirring up the big data space since proving itself at a Jeopardy podium. Now, the technology is moving into tablets, mobile, and the ‘Internet of Things’ to not only handle the onslaught of data, but encourage it.

Kyla has worked as a technology and strategy consultant in industries ranging from professional service to entertainment to industrial manufacturing. Her area of specialization is in utilizing statistical modeling and data-centric strategy to improve operational functionality and consumer experiences. With the IBM Watson group, she works to develop solutions for unique industry challenges, and speaks regularly at conferences and one on one with future clients to develop a deeper understanding of data, technology, and how cognitive computing fits into the rapidly changing future.

Brian Kuhn is the Watson Sales Leader for the Midwest, focusing on the financial services industry. Brian helps insurance companies and banks determine compelling Watson use cases such that they gain deeper contextual insight into their pressing business problems - into what happened, why it happened, and also so that they can quickly determine the next best action to take. Brian is licensed to practice law in Massachusetts and Tennessee, and he worked in Tennessee for an large Southern insurance defense firm. He also sold legal technology to large and medium-sized law firms in New England for Thomson Reuters.

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