Harness the Composable Data Layer to Survive the Digital Tsunami
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  Michele Goetz   Michele Goetz
Principal Analyst
Forrester Research


Tuesday, November 3, 2015
01:30 PM - 02:20 PM

Level:  Intermediate

Today's data management and analytic principles, practices and capabilities strip away the fidelity of the data that provides the meaning and context that makes data valuable and useable. Without a composable data layer your ability to get value from digital ecosystems and the Internet of Things is unattainable. Big data lakes and analytics only get you so far. Smart data and semantics, cognitive agents, and intelligent orchestration is key.

This session will help data professionals:

  • Understand how Composable Data Layers set digital and the Internet of Things up for success
  • Recognize the capabilities needed to extract and determine the meaning of data
  • How the Composable Data Layer will converge and replace existing data governance and management functions
  • Set a course to harness Composable Data Layers into their ecosystems

Michele Goetz is a leading expert with 20 years experience in data quality, MDM, data governance and data management. She helps enterprises leverage data assets more effectively by improving the availability and accuracy of the information that drive business success through analytics and business processes.

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